Sometimes, the sight of familiar old “friends” on a busy concourse puts passengers in their comfort zone. Brands passengers know and love. Brands they trust. Menu items they rely on. SSP America’s brand developers maintain strong partnerships with the nation’s biggest brands, through relationships built on integrity and authenticity.


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Peet’s Coffee is the leader of the American coffee revolution. Alfred Peet single handedly changed the coffee industry in 1966—essentially pioneering the craft coffee movement that’s a norm today. Peet’s beans are direct trade sourced and roasted by hand in small batches, ensuring guests get the same, consistently rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

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Even before the Emmy-nominated, A&E reality show catapulted the Wahlberg clan into our living rooms, Wahlburgers had been an award-winning restaurant south of Boston.  Mark, Donnie, and Paul created Wahlburgers to share the family’s love of great food with Chef Paul’s menu of handcrafted, premium burgers, sandwiches, salads, and sides.

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Customers across the globe know that the Dunkin’ brand is synonymous with top quality, “great tasting” products. With its iconic, orange, and pink logo, faithful brand followers and newcomers alike make a beeline to America’s favorite coffee and donut combo. After all, America and passengers alike, run on Dunkin’.

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