Technology designed to enhance the travel experience

Passengers Have Spoken

Today’s airport passengers have spoken—they’re ready for contactless payment solutions. SSP America’s IT experts have listened and stepped up with a host of solutions which allow passengers to utilize their own phones using QR codes, order from state-of-the-art kiosks and experience the ease of ‘checkout-free technology’. Our technology solutions increase average check, speed service delivery, ensure order accuracy, and offer labor flexibility.


Dine-in guests scan a QR code located on the table, browse the menu, place their order, pay and tip using their phone. No app, no hardware, no maintenance required!

Self-order Kiosks

Now a familiar sight at quick service restaurants around the world, a Self-order Kiosk sits at the restaurant’s entrance and allows guests to place their orders via the touchscreen. Guests can select their items and pay using a credit/bank card or digital wallet. Once the order is placed, it is sent to the kitchen to be prepared and the customer receives a notification when their order is ready.

Checkout-free Technology

One of the newest forms of self-service technology that allows customers to purchase items without having to wait in line at a checkout counter. Instead, customers simply enter the store, select the items they want, and leave. The items are then automatically charged to the customer’s credit card or store app account.