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The Heart of 21ST Century Living

As restaurateurs, culinary enthusiasts, and foodies, we believe restaurants occupy a special place in the heart of 21ST century living. We go to restaurants not to just eat food, but to celebrate food and we relax, reconnect, and rejoice around the table. We’ve made it our mission to bring culinary experiences to airports and passengers—one restaurant at a time.

Modern Day Restaurant Explorers

No one knows the culinary landscape better than us. Our team of brand developers is the best in the business—they’re what we like to call “Modern-Day Restaurant Explorers”.  Whether you want cool local brands that showcase the region; on-trend boutique brands with immersive culinary experiences; or iconic national brands with universal appeal, we can deliver. Our brand developers have scoured every region, building relationships with the brands today’s travelers know, want, and need. SSP tells the best cool, local, and authentic tales.

Big-time Culinary Chops

Transforming streetside operations into airside experiences requires serious restaurant know-how. Our chefs work side by side with hundreds of brand partners to craft menus reflective of the brand that also meet the complex demands of the aviation environment.


We live in a fast-paced world where customers tastes and needs are rapidly changing. So we’re increasing the choices we offer on our menus with healthier and ethically sourced ingredients.

award winning experiences

The Farmers’ Market featuring Indiana Grown

Airport Council International-North America 2023 Best New Local Concept Award

Hunt & Fish Grill

Airport Council International-North America 2023 Best New Food & Beverage Concept

Vyne Washington Tasting Room

Airport Experience News 2023 Best Bar Experience

our restaurants


Local restaurants reflect the identity of a region – of its people, how they eat, and how they celebrate.


Boutique restaurants are a wide range of adaptable concepts that we tailor to the needs of each airport experience.



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