3 things to think about before your interview

1. You’re interviewing us, too.

Whether you’re applying for your first job or a senior leadership position, interviews are incredibly important in securing a job offer—as well as in making your decision to accept the offer. Interviews give you the opportunity to meet people you’ll be working closely with, to communicate your experience personally, and to express your aspirations—but also to ask questions, to communicate concerns, and evaluate whether SSP America is the right company for you.

2. Culture

To nail your interview, do some research. Learn about our PASSION culture and be prepared to communicate why you think you will thrive professionally and personally at SSP America. It is as essential that you are the right fit for the position personally—as you are qualified professionally. And SSP America wants to hire ambassadors of our PASSION™ culture—people who are models of what the company is all about.

3. The job

It may seem obvious—but take the time to understand the actual job requirements as well as its demands. Focus in on the type of work you’ll be doing and what your average day will look like. Plenty of applicants apply to jobs without taking the time to understand the role, and then began an interview without an informed understanding of the job. Knowing the job description will help you think about and communicate why you’re the right person for the job, and it will also help you understand whether you actually want it.

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