LouLou Market & Bar at SEA


Thierry Rautureau, better known to many as the award-winning Chef in the Hat, was ready to embark on a new culinary endeavor. The James Beard award winner and former chef-owner of several renowned restaurants in the Seattle area sought to expand his brand beyond traditional fine dining into a more approachable—but still sophisticated concept that was designed for the airport experience. LouLou Market and Bar weaves together the chef’s passion for cooking, a lifetime of culinary accomplishments, and a rich personal history. The hybrid concept takes full advantage of a space under 1,500 square feet, given off-site seating by the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Credit to SSP America’s design and construction team—because Loulou Market and Bar is simply beautiful. The familiar wood tones and neutral colors of its nearby terminal neighbors are delicately interrupted by a dark blue and white color palette. It’s a strategic motif that distinguishes itself while also creating a welcoming respite in the chaotic gate environment. Elegant yet hearty Parisian fixtures, furnishings, and operational elements such as rattan seating and bespoke brass beer taps combine to create a warm market atmosphere. Menus, plating, and presentations artfully blend French and Pacific Northwest culinary traditions. Loulou Market and Bar provides respite for the road warriors; the business leisure travelers dousing their days away in approachable class and comfort.

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