Team Member Spotlight: Pat Banducci

People, Industry, Leadership

SSP America’s Chief Commercial Officer Patrick Banducci has been in the business over thirty years yet affirms, “you’re never too old to start learning.” He is well known for his cool, calm, and collected leadership style—with some colleagues reporting they would follow him into a building on fire. We sat down with Pat to get an understanding of how he stays focused under pressure, keeps his composure, and how his thought-processes have contributed to his success as a leader in the industry.

“If I look calm on the outside, it doesn’t mean I’m not burning on the inside. But there’s rarely anything to get hysterical about. Think of our PASSION Principles™ and being ‘noble at all times.’ That nobility points to a certain humility—an understanding that in business, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Results are what matter, but exactly how you get there means a lot as well. When we’re faced with a seemingly insurmountable task, staying calm and focused on the objective actually puts things in a bigger perspective—allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively.”

And Pat sees plenty of ways for SSP America’s people and the company in general to grow, along with changes in travel and in our customers. “We’ve seen a lot. It’s hard to pull one over on us, but we haven’t seen everything. Let’s stay ‘open to new ideas’ and keep the PASSION moving forward.”

Thank you for your word, Pat! Upwards and onwards!

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