Team Member Spotlight: Marisa Abinnante

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Originally from Chicago, Marisa Abinnante got her start at Midway International Airport about six years ago as a cash room attendant. SSP America took over business in MDW shortly thereafter, and Marisa was a huge part of that famous flip. Now she’s a Cash Manager—traveling from airport to airport providing support to SSP America’s teams. Marisa is responsible for managing property safes, preparing bank deposits, catching cash discrepancies, training on cash handling procedures, and reporting on a long list of financials.

Here she is doing “Glory training,” as she explains: “Glory Safes are our smart safes that we use in a majority of our properties that help with cash control. I go to sites for the installation and the trainings for employees and cashroom staff. “

It’s so much fun, so amazing and so rewarding to be able to interact with everyone from all over—to teach and show them all the great functions that the safes have. It’s hard not to always have a smile on your face!”

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