Team Member Spotlight: Debbie Hrubovcak

Community, People

Without Debbie Hrubovcak, it’s safe to say SSP America’s new restaurants wouldn’t open with the same speed, efficiency, and quality. Put simply, as Manager, Procurement Business Needs, Debbie takes charge of procurement for all openings. And as explained by Vice President, Procurement, Bob Como, “There wouldn’t be a ‘Taste of Place’ without Debbie. She has the respect of people throughout the organization—being someone you can call on when needed and who truly exhibits service from the heart.”

Senior Director, Procurement Business Needs, Tony Agresta calls Debbie “a true professional who owns her business. She’s vocal and never beats around the bush. She holds others accountable, communicates her expectations clearly, and always takes responsibility herself.” Debbie has a massive hand in making sure the quick ‘flips’ SSP America is known for run smoothly.

Director, Operations Excellence, Tim Wilmes, says, “Debbie is a game time player. She knows how to grind when necessary and has a contagious tenacity. Operations teams know they can count on her to get going when the going gets tough.”

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