Team Member Spotlight: Scott Welding

People, Leadership

The Port of Seattle’s Airport Dining and Retail Team has done an exemplary job over the years to maintain Sea-Tac’s Skytrax status as the Best Airport in North America for the second consecutive year. In addition to the stunning, newly renovated and expanded North Satellite Concourse, the Sea-Tac airport now boasts over 45 diverse eateries. SSP America proudly operates a vast selection of bespoke and boutique restaurants spread throughout every terminal at Sea-Tac. The award-winning Vyne Washington Tasting Room is situated in the heart of the Central Terminal, showcasing some of the most exquisite wines from the Pacific Northwest.

SSP America’s Senior Vice President, Development and Pursuit of New Airports, Scott Welding reflects, “As a proud Washington State native and former resident for three decades, I have been fortunate to witness the remarkable transformation of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport concessions program into a modern, award-winning lineup of amazing restaurants and retail stores. I am deeply grateful for the incredible partnership with the Port of Seattle and the trust they have put in SSP America to bring some of the most sought-after boutique brands to the airport. Bringing a ‘Taste of Place’ to Sea-Tac would not have been possible without the remarkable leadership and vision of our VP of Restaurant Development, Sebastiaan Rotteveel—nor would it have been executed without the dedication and commitment of our Sea-Tac team members.”

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