Team Member Spotlight: Robert Rambharose

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Robert Rambharose is originally from Queens, New York. He began working for SSP America nearby as a cashier at JFK International Airport, and 14 years later, Rob is working one of the coolest jobs SSP has to offer as a Traveling Operations Manager. He spends 100% of his working time traveling and managing restaurant operations in airports across the country. We had to ask Rob how in the world he moves from Phoenix to Dallas to Montreal and is still able to help run the show.

“I stay flexible as a manager. I know my basic responsibility is to provide support to different Ops Teams, and over the years I’ve developed a holistic understanding of how restaurants operate within an airport. I’m able to come in, contribute, and provide a second perspective on different systems in place, whether it be managing procurement, labor, productivity, or conducting quality assessments and safety measures.” Rob’s certainly seen a lot throughout his time working in different airports and he has plenty to say about the people he’s worked with.

“I’ve worked with a lot of strong individuals. Everybody stays positive and is willing to help, making them all crucial pieces to the puzzle. There’s plenty of work to do, and I’m excited to keep going.”

Thanks for your word, Rob. SSP America is happy to have you, and we’re all looking forward to what your future holds.

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