Partner Spotlight: Juan Carlos Briceno


Juan Carlos Briceño has been working professionally since he was 17, but it wasn’t until he became SSP America’s go-to photographer that he found his dream-job. Juan Carlos has had the pleasure of shooting presidential inaugurations, galas at the Smithsonian Institution, global summits, and countless high-profile events in Washington D.C. Now he’s bringing his wealth of experience to SSP America—snapping shots of our architecture, great food, our team members—and making everyone smile in the process.

Vice President of Brand Strategy and Communications Lana Cramer explains, “We work with quite a few companies who help us amplify our brand messaging and identity. Juan Carlos is one of those people, and if you follow us on social media, you see his work in a lot of our posts. He’s an extraordinarily talented photographer who has become a food travel expert—a shutter bug PASSIONate about bringing cool, authentic restaurants to airports.”

And Juan Carlos can second that—”I am always humbled and honored to work with SSP America’s many talented people, from IND to IAH to SEA. Everyone lives by the PASSION Principles, and that’s true for people in the Support Center and at each individual airport. It’s such a pleasure to capture your hard-work—to let your restaurants, your dishes, and your smiles live on forever!”

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