Support Center Team Member of Quarter


SSP America’s Director, Information Technology Support, Stephen Schwartz is our Support Center Team Member of the Quarter. As Regional Vice President of Operations Geoffrey Lentz states, “We all know Steve as a man of many talents and abilities; someone whose expertise serves all of our IT needs. Through the myriad situations Steve has engineered solutions to, he has earned not only the respect of our entire team, but also their trust and faith to find resolutions quickly and efficiently. With a server down, and the weekend in full tilt, Steve once again showed why he is a bedrock upon which our culture and organization are built.”

Throughout the night of Saturday March 25th, Steve drove the four and a half hours from his home in Maryland to New York City with a server in his back seat. At 3 AM Sunday morning, he successfully installed the server so our JFK team members could take on the early morning rush with full technological support. Later that day, Steve was back in Terminal 4 ensuring kiosks, Order At the Table systems, and all Point of Sale systems were running per usual. How about that for PASSION?

“Just another day in the life of an IT professional,” replies Steve.

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