Team Member Spotlight: Lidexy Rodriguez


SSP America’s Director of Operations at the Orlando International Airport Lidexy Rodriguez will forever remember her grandfather sitting at the dinner table with a whole jar full of hot sauce, a.k.a. “pique,” carefully preparing each bite of food with a touch of spice—sipping on a glassful of whole milk on ice. She learned how to grow habanero, jalapeño ghost peppers, and serrano peppers from her grandmother, who also maintained a beautiful herb garden at their homes in Puerto Rico and Central Florida.

For National Herbs and Spices Day, we called on Lidexy to share the recipe for her homemade hot sauce. We got the basics—oregano, cilantro, culantro, garlic, red onion, vinegar, and water—but were shushed thereafter. Nonetheless, Lidexy insists the quality of her hot sauce is a result of the freshness of her ingredients—and those lucky to be her friends and family can only attest.

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